Sheri SlaterSheri Slater, developed a passion for fitness early on. Born to a middle class family, in Savannah, GA, she knew from the tender age of five that she wanted to be just like her father, a middle school PE instructor. Throughout her teen years, she achieved much success in sports including awards in both long distance running and in gymnastics. Straight out of high school, Sheri contemplated college, however instead opted to enlist and discovered a true love of weight training during her four years in the service. It was only after returning to her home town, and giving birth to twin boys, that she began to realize the trials and tribulations faced by young mothers. Dealing with increased responsibilities and the wear and tear that pregnancy and childbirth had placed on her body, Sheri found a new fitness mission and took the challenge on.

Sheri wasn’t looking for a magical solution, simply a way to maximize results over a shorter period of time. These real life changes sent Sheri in search of something that could aid her and other women in regaining their fit, youthful, and shapely figure. Consequently, she came across waist trainers and instituted a diet, exercise, full fitness regimen for herself that included wearing her trainer 8-10 hours per day. As she began to attain the results she was seeking, Sheri realized that she had landed on true gold and began, almost immediately, coaching and training other women. She began with a few women that she knew in her area, and eventually began helping women around the world get themselves back in shape.

Today Sheri Slater is a life coach, fitness expert, and mother of 4, although you would never know it to look at her. Her life philosophy is “Give 100%/100% of the time, and you will ALWAYS reach your goals”. Ms. Slater sets an example that anything is possible, and serves as an inspiration and role model for those looking to achieve a fitter, healthier body, no matter what their age, weight, or challenges.

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